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Our mission is to make the world a happier place, one child at a time.

From the fashion industry to social media to bullying from their peers, tweens can be left feeling confused and alone. At 9 – 12 years old, they’re not quite children anymore but not teens, either. There is a lot of pressure on children of this age group.

  • Expectations of their parents, teachers and coaches.
  • Overwhelming desire to fit in with their friends.
  • Their changing bodies and anxiety that causes.
  • The ever present media with its own demands for perfection

It’s no wonder that children are suffering from anxiety at higher rates than ever. That more children are harming themselves or others. And they’re taking this pain and suffering into adulthood.

The be.Tween project is a photography project that celebrates tweens at that time in their life when everything is changing and shows them how they are valued in their community.

Positive Impact

  • Show children that they don’t have to “fit in” because their community loves them just as they are.

  • Facilitate communication between children and members of their communities: parents, teachers, coaches, friends and family

  • Strengthen their support systems so they know they have people to turn to when times are hard

  • Build their confidence and sense of self so that they can interact with the world in a more positive way

Help my child build self esteem - The BeTween Project
Help my young teen daughter build self confidence - The BeTween Project

Our Core Values

  • Inclusion

  • Diversity

  • Personal Growth

Giving Back

Ten percent of each sale will be set aside for our Gifting Program. This program provides the be.Tween project experience to children in need whose families lack the financial means to participate. We are currently creating a Nomination Committee to seek out children for this program. More details to come soon!

Portraits to build self esteem in tweens - The Be.Tween Project

The Ordering Appointment

At this appointment, your child will view their portraits for the first time. Presented as a beautiful slideshow, the portraits will be paired with quotes from all of the most important people in their life. Can you imagine how it would feel to read powerful, moving quotes from the people you love alongside incredible portraits that celebrate the real you?

Show your tween how much they mean to you.

Book a phone call to learn more!

The Portrait Session

Your child will feel like a star at their own custom portrait session!

This session is all about telling their story in a way that is fun and natural. Without stiff, uncomfortable posing, these sessions are pressure-free and result in beautiful portraits that capture their spirit and personality.

Build self esteem and self confidence in my young teen - The Be.Tween Project
You + Me = Magic - The BeTween Project

About You

  • You love your kids more than life itself.

  • You want to give them the best in life.

  • You are (a little) worried about the stuff they’ll have to face.

  • You want to celebrate all of their accomplishments.

  • You never want to forget all of the little moments and the big dreams.

  • You know what it’s like to feel lonely and afraid.

  • You are super busy and sometimes worry that you’re spreading yourself too thin.

  • You are concerned about the digital world and the dangers it presents.

  • You want your child to know that they are valued for more than their appearance.

  • You are an AMAZING parent and you are doing a fantastic job!
Build self esteem and self confidence in my young teen - The Be.Tween Project

About Me

Kamini Le Capelain - Founder of the Be.Tween Project

Kamini Le Capelain
Founder of the Be.Tween Project
Owner of Silent Poetry

When I was a little girl, I was happy and confident. I was stubborn and my mom called me the “squeaky wheel.” Not shy about standing up for myself and full of big dreams about my future. I loved horses and I wanted to be a jockey, until I grew too tall. Then I dreamed of being an artist.

But everything changed as I grew older. My body changed and my confidence plummeted. Fitting in became the most important thing. I wanted to be just like everybody else. I was bullied, as I’m sure that we all were. At first it wasn’t a big deal but each incident planted a new seed of doubt.

In grade 8, I transferred to a new school and everything fell apart. I was bullied, relentlessly, the entire year. I hated those bullies but, more than that, I hated myself. There was something wrong with me, I was certain of it. So I hid. I withdrew inward and tried, desperately, not to be seen. I lived that way for years.

It took me nearly two decades to realize I wanted more.

Today, I am an artist.

I am a Master of Photographic Arts with the Professional Photographers of Canada and am Accredited in Portraiture, Child and Infant Portraits, and High School Graduation Portraits.

Professional Photographers of Canada Logo - Master Photographer

About The Magic

Together, you and I can create magic. We can give your child an experience that helps to build a strong foundation. A foundation that can see them through challenging times and difficult emotions. We can work together to show them how deeply they are loved. That they don’t need to change or “fit in” and that they are not alone.

Make Magic Happen for Your Child

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

Build A Tweens Self Esteem - Make a Difference to An At Risk Youth - Be.Tween Project

Sponsoring the be.Tween project is an excellent way to give back to your local community. Your dollars will be an investment in impacting more young lives in a positive way.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to build a brighter future!

Make Magic Happen for A Child

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