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Liam & Hailey

Liam and Hailey, a brother and sister duo, came in for a session some time ago. They each had their own session and, of course, we had a blast! They are one of my favourite families. The ordering appointment, when they saw their portraits for the first time, was particularly memorable. Mom and BOTH kids ended up in tears!

No, no, no, don’t worry! It was OK. They were happy tears!

It is so rewarding when you can move people to tears. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day!

Liam Got A Glimpse of How His Community Sees Him…

BeTween Featured Session - Liam - build self confidence in tween boyLiam is always willing to help his family or friends, and he has great ideas for fun games. He is always a jokester and a prankster too. – Dad

My greatest wish for Liam is that he stays true to himself, and gets the opportunity to go on many adventures in his lifetime. – Mom

Liam is always so active, like me and he is always happy. He has a great imagination too and we like to make up games together. – Logan, friend

I have two pieces of advice for Liam:

  1. Be the change you wish to see in the world. In order to change or improve things, we need to make this happen. Be vocal. Speak up for what is right and call out what is wrong.
  2. Make mistakes. It’s how we learn. Anyone who has never made a mistake must be pretty darn boring. – Davis Givan, teacher

One of Liam’s great achievements is that he does his best and demonstrates kindness – even when those around him do not always do so. He is awesome at this! – Susan Hill, teacher

Hailey Was Lifted By The Kind Words of Her Family & Friends

I am most proud of how compassionate and caring Hailey is. She is very smart and usually gets straight A’s (which of course is amazing!) but she truly amazes me with how willing she is to love… everyone and everything! She cares so deeply for people she hasn’t even met, and about animals and the environment. She is a sensitive and empathetic old soul! – Mom

BeTween Featured Session - Hailey - build self confidence in tween girl

What makes me so proud of Hailey is how she is so smart and really understands the ways of the world. – Dad

Hailey is a GREAT and AWESOME friend because she always laughs at my cheesey jokes and never fails to put a smile on my face. Every single time someone is rude to me she always backs me up and stands up for me:) – Amna, friend

Hailey, you are a strong and brave person, but remember, when you don’t feel strong and brave, you have wonderful people around you who will listen to you, support you, and love you up! Share your feelings with them!!! XO – Susan Hill, teacher