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I knew May, a little, before she came to her be.Tween project session. As the photographer at her dance studio, I had photographed her a couple times but a be.Tween session is special. Focussed on one child, I can learn all about them and help them to tell their story.

A dancer, artist, writer; May is truly creative. I was amazed by her intricate drawings and had to find a way to showcase them in her portraits.

May Was Delighted to Learn How Her Family Treasures Her

I am so proud of May’s originality in her artwork and her writing. Her imagination is a wonderful place and I feel privileged when I get a chance to peek inside! – Mom

What makes me most proud about May is her joy and skill in writing and drawing stories. It’s a love we both share, and is probably one of the ways in which we are most alike. – Dad

BeTween Featured Session - May - build self esteem in tween girl

May is helpful. I can always count on her to lend a hand. She patiently entertains her younger sister, and she’s a wonderful assistant in the kitchen.  –  Mom

My advice to May for her future is to surround herself with people who build her up, and to reach out to people who need to be built up. – Dad

May makes us most proud when we see her being so considerate and kind to others. May, you are like an open treasure chest blessing everyone. – Opa & Nana

I hope May never forgets her childhood. Even when she hits the unavoidable bumps in her teen years and adult life, I hope she can close her eyes and instantly recall rushing down a waterslide with her dad, baking cookies with her mom, playing dress-up and make-believe with her brother and sister, blowing out birthday candles surrounded by people who love her completely, and a thousand other memories of innocence. – Dad