Impact 2020

A fresh start and renewed focus in 2020

For me, the new year, is always an excellent time to reflect on the past and set goals for the year ahead. This year is extra special, as the start of a whole new decade. A decade full of big dreams!

We have exciting things happening with the be.Tween project, and I hope you will enjoy the changes to come.

We’re kicking off 2020 with a rebranding and a relaunch. It’s been on a pause while we developed our vision for the future and redesigned it for greater impact in the community. Big things ahead:

  • Brand new beautiful website
  • Updated FB page
  • New Instagram account

Our theme for 2020 is Impact and our mission is to make the world a happier place, one child at a time. Our portrait sessions have a huge impact on kids and their communities.

Impact #1 – Improved communication between children and parents

Parents often tell us the be.Tween project experience has given them an opportunity to communicate with their child in a deeper way. We’re often so caught up in the day to day that we spend our time nagging our kids to do their homework or to clean their rooms. A session with us gives you a chance to communicate what you love about your child and what you hope for their future.

Impact #2 – Building stronger support systems to lift kids up

By including all the important people in your child’s life, we show the power of their support system. All these people value them for who they are and are ready to support them during challenging times. It often surprises kids when they read the wonderful things their community members had to say and they can’t believe we made that effort for them.

BeTween Project Impact 2020

Impact #3 – Happier, more positive children


Sessions at the be.Tween project are celebratory! The child is the star of the show and gets to tell their story. We have fun and act silly and showcase their personality. After the session, they’ll view a slideshow all about them and the people who love them.

Impact #4 – Less bullying in the community


We improve the way kids feel about themselves and make their self-talk more positive. A wonderful side effect is that they’ll go out into the world and speak in a more positive way to others. We also build their confidence and encourage them to be themselves. Bullying may still happen, but they will be better prepared when it does!

BeTween Project Impact 2020

Impact #5 – Kids reaching their dreams sooner


The world will be a better place when more kids grow up to be adults who chase their dreams. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist. But I squashed that dream down and hid all the things that made me different. I lived a life that was small. After nearly two decades, I finally realised I would never be truly happy that way. Now I am an artist. I finally chased that dream.

Let’s not let that happen to our kids!