Vision boards for Kids

A fantastic way for kids to explore possibility

vision boarding for kids

This weekend, I spent a couple hours with my nephews helping them to create vision boards. These fun boards are a wonderful way to dream about the future and explore the various possibilities. They are also a fantastic way to communicate more deeply with your kids.

Each of my boys is unique, and this came through, not just in which items they included, but in how they designed their board.

Tips for Creating a Vision Board with Your Child
  1. A few days before, ask them to picture their future.
  2. Set a timeline. I asked my boys to think about five years from now. This is a fairly easy timeframe for them to imagine. A good way to start is to ask them how old they will be in 5 years. What will they be doing?
vision boards for kids
  1. Often when we reflect on success and prosperity, we imagine money and things. But it’s important to consider about all the different parts of a happy life: family, friends, hobbies, travel, education/skills, faith.
vision boards for tweens
  1. Gather lots of printed materials for them to search for images and words to bring their ideas to life. Look for a good selection of magazines, newspapers, brochures. Old books, atlases and encyclopaedias are great, too.
  2. You’ll need a few other supplies: tape/glue, scissors, markers, crayons, etc.
  1. While your child is creating their vision board, listen to their ideas and help them find images and phrases to represent those ideas. Try not to influence them too much, though. It’s important that this board represents their ideas for their future. We all have our own hopes and dreams for our kids but that can put a lot of pressure on them. If you listen carefully, this activity can really help you learn things that you didn’t know about your child.
  1. Don’t worry about filling up all the space. It’s actually a great idea to leave a little room for your child’s dreams to grow and develop. New interests will come along over time, and they can always add to their board.
vision board for child's self esteem
  1. Once the board is complete, allow your child the opportunity to share the ideas with the important people in their life. When they present the board to other people, it becomes more real for them. Try to only respond in positive ways. This is not the time to be “realistic” as that can seem discouraging.
  2. Display your child’s completed vision board where they will see it every day. When they see their dreams every day, they will consciously (and unconsciously) take action toward achieving those dreams.
  3. My boys range in age from 9 to 12 so, between them, they cover the whole tween bracket! It’s important to remember that each child is different and the results you can expect from a 12-year-old will be different that from a 9-year-old.